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Tomorrow's Hope! What a unique and appropriate title-our lives need to be filled with hope and certainly the ultimate hope is for steady progress toward a cure for life limiting illnesses.

I am a twenty seven year survivor. When I was thirty six years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy followed by one year of chemotherapy. I am so very fortunate.

I truly believe I am a survivor, not by luck but because of the hope, prayers, love and support of my family, friends and co-workers-----also a positive attitude helps.

We should all be very grateful that someone had the inspiration for our Tomorrow's Hope. There are so very many families are affected by life limiting illness. Our family, like so many others has been affected by cancer, heart disease diabetes and even the complications of Alzheimer 's disease.

My niece Janet, from Alabama, attended o...    read more

- Carolyn Niebler Survivor

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