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My name is Henry (Hank) Kaiser. I was born on July 30, 1949.

The first time I had heart trouble was in October 1992. It was a blood clot in the back of the heart, and I was quickly transported to Fort HealthCare. After the emergency staff stabilized me, I was transported by Med Flight to Madison.

Cardiologists there treated me and sent me back to Fort HealthCare's cardiac rehabilitation unit, where they monitored me while I built up my strength, and made my heart stronger after the damage done at the bottom of the heart muscle. The staff there was both friendly and knowledgeable in strengthening the heart muscle after having had a heart attack.

I returned to work after three months of rest and rehab. Everything was going well until June 30, 2001, nine years after my first heart attack. That day my wife, ten-year-old grandson and I went to the Jefferson Raceway to watch the car races. We moved along in lin...    read more

- Hank Survivor

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